How Motivation Science Can Enhance Mentorship

Motivation is at the heart of everything people do. Discover the truth about motivation as Taylor reveals groundbreaking science that exposes the flaws in traditional motivation theories.
Say goodbye to outdated practices and embrace an innovative approach to motivation that could revolutionize your mentoring, leadership, and coaching.

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Dr. Taylor Peyton

Taylor Peyton, Ph.D., advocates for human flourishing in the workplace.  She is an author and speaker on topics that enhance people’s self-determination and authentic connection to others.  She is currently President of Mojo Moments, an international distribution startup for science-based workshops that educate leaders on how to keep their teams optimally motivated. She is also Senior Organizational Psychologist for BiasSync, a DEIA training company that reduces the negative impact of unconscious bias in organizations. Dr. Peyton previously worked at Boston University full-time as a research professor of leadership and workplace psychology, and today she teaches executive education leadership development programs at Boston University.


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