A proposal was presented at a higher education conference at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, and discussed “using mentoring to increase retention and success of minority students in higher education.


By-laws were drafted and selection of a Board of Directors at Rhode Island Community College in Warwick, Rhode Island, and formed the National Mentoring Association

By-laws were adopted and the National Mentoring Association was ratified at the American College at Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania as a membership association in response to the growing need for an organized forum focused on innovative and effective mentoring ideas and practices.


The IMA was housed at Western Michigan University


IMA moved its headquarters to Farmington, New Mexico.


The name of the association was officially changed to the International Mentoring Association. (IMA), a not-for-profit organization and registered as a 501c3.


The International Mentoring Association was moved to the University of New Mexico


The International Mentoring Association moved its headquarters to Florida and is a consociation with the University of Florida.

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