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Dr. Ellen Hahn

Ellen (Reames) Hahn is a Professor of Educational Leadership at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. Her area of research is educational leadership program design. She enjoys exploring innovative ideas that promote continuous improvement in leadership preparation. She has published in the Journal of Research on Leadership Education, the Journal of School Leadership, and the International Journal of Educational Reform. Dr. Hahn has published two books in her series Dimensions of Leadership and Institutional Success: Exploring Connections and Partnerships. The first book, Rural Turnaround Leadership Development: The Power of Partnerships, was released in 2018. Partnerships for Leadership Preparation and Development: Facilitators, Barriers and Models for Change was released Fall 2020. An additional book not included in the series was released Fall 2020: The Art and Science of Mentoring: A Festschrift in Honor of Dr. Frances Kochan. 


Mentoring for Well-being with Aspiring School Leaders




If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and practices in the mentoring field with others, consider presenting an IMA Webinar. The platform used is Zoom and the webinars are 45-60 minutes in length. The networking, resources, and professional interconnections support leadership, professional development, and ‘giving back’ to the profession and to those you serve as a mentor!

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