Living our Commitment

The IMA is a unique, premier mentoring organization.

Unique Diversity

In addition to celebrating and using the strengths that ethnic and cultural diversity provides, the IMA is also committed to model and support a wider understanding of the term “diversity.” All of the IMA’s activities and publications focus on building upon the strengths provided by dialogue across all settings and roles, all age and experience levels, viewpoints, and every other difference – for these differences create our learning opportunities. By utilizing our common commitment to mentoring as a tool for increased learning and performance and our rich diversity as a strength, we can work together and accomplish much more.

A Unique Initiative

We see mentoring as the most effective lever available for transforming the effectiveness and impact of human growth and endeavors. Through our conversations, events, presentations, publications, and projects, we are committed to providing a forum for discussing mentoring best practices, trends, innovative ideas, and strategies that will inspire us as leaders and transform our practices and organizations. In this way, we expect to gradually, but relentlessly change the world through effective mentoring, one relationship, and one organization at a time.

Unique People

The IMA is a worldwide network of dynamic, thoughtful mentoring professionals who have established successful mentoring programs and are continually seeking to make those programs ever more effective at delivering the results for which they were created. We are also committed to increasing our ability to continually model effective mentoring relationships and practices. Our passion for effective mentoring leads us to gladly share our experience and knowledge with others.

Unique information and experience

The IMA is committed to increasing access to research-based, proven models and processes, and to the best practices need for planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and improving the impact of personal mentoring, mentor program leadership, and of mentoring programs overall.