Consultant Certification

Purpose and Overview

The International Mentoring Association (IMA) recognizes the need to identify mentoring consultants and trainers, both individuals and businesses, able to provide quality services to organizations and mentoring programs. Program leaders can be assured that IMA-certified consultants and trainers meet essential criteria:

1.       Knowledge of mentoring processes and theory, organizational leadership, and IMA standards for mentoring programs;

2.       Ability to implement a clear, rational, and comprehensive process to help mentoring programs meet IMA standards for mentoring programs;

3.       History of positive support and services to mentoring programs, their leaders, and their host organizations, if any;

4.       Legal business authority and established fiscal processes; and

5.       Clear business practices.

Experience-based Certification

IMA Consultant Certification is not the end reward for a training program in which a person receives training and is, therefore, considered capable. Rather, IMA certification recognizes, rewards, and promotes successful consulting experiences. Thus, IMA certification is not training based but performance based. The certification process focuses on what a consultant knows and has accomplished. It also considers the business side of consulting and the professional practices that create the conditions for consulting.

Get Certified

If you provide consulting and training services for mentoring programs, you will benefit from IMA program certification.

Visit the Consultant Certification Application page for more information.