IMA board

The IMA Board of Directors

Provides the intellectual leadership and commitment necessary to drive progress in the field of mentoring. The International membership of the Board combines the best of academic and research advances in the field with the best of practical implementation within diverse contexts.

The Board meets bi-monthly via teleconference with the Executive Director to translate the IMA vision into practice. Board members serve four-year terms.


There are two levels of membership on the Board of Directors:

Full Board Members and Associate Board Members.

Associate Board Members can be specially nominated by a Full Board Member to serve on the Board in a non-voting capacity to assist with a special project, lend specific expertise, or to serve until they have been IMA members for a longer period of time before becoming Full Board Members. Their nomination is voted on by the Full Board.

Emeriti Board Members are those who have retired from long service on the Board of Directors, and their status as Emeriti must be voted on by the Board of Directors. They are no longer voting members of the Board, but their Emeritus status comes with some specific privileges as outlned in the By Laws.