Accreditation Process

Click Here For Accreditation Program Standards

How to Submit For Accreditation

1.       Download:
Request for Application (IMA-ProgramAccreditation-RFA

2.       Assemble the required program documentation (see RFA page 6-8) and convert to PDF files.

3.       Complete the application cover sheet and table of contents (See RFA Appendix A, page 10).

4.       Email your application materials (from #2 and #3) to

5.       Send an original signed copy of the cover sheet to
IMA Accreditation
4211 NW 186th Street
Newberry, Florida 32669

6.       Send the application fee of $2,000 by check or money order (will be applied to accreditation fees or partially refunded)

Your application is now complete.

What Happens Next

At this point, the IMA accreditation team will review your program materials against the scoring guide found in the RFA (see RFA Appendix B, page 11) to determine a score of 0 – 95.

If the program will be recommended for Silver Accreditation, the process is complete. The application fee is applied to the accreditation fee, and the program does not need to make any additional payment.

If the reviewers believe the program may be eligible for Gold Accreditation, the lead reviewer will schedule interviews with program representatives. If the review team recommends Gold Accreditation after conducting the interviews, program leadership will be notified and will be invoiced for the balance in fees ($5,500 – $2,000 application fee = $3,500).

The IMA Board of Directors issues the accreditation status and confers all benefits described in the RFA.

More Information and Details

See the RFA for more detailed information. If you have specific question after reviewing the RFA, please contact the IMA president, Nancy Phenis-Bourke.