About Us

About the International Mentoring Association

The International Mentoring Association (IMA) is a non-profit (501(c)(3)) association of mentoring professionals in the education, business and government sectors. We offer the most current information in the constantly evolving field of mentoring best practices in an organized, accessible, and easy-to-use format. IMA advances personal and organizational development by promoting the use of mentoring best practices in all settings. Our diverse worldwide organization unites a broad cross-section of hundreds of people who have interest in the theory and practice of effective mentoring. Members bring unique experiences and a fresh perspective from their various fields of mentoring. Working together, we share a commitment to increasing:

·         The impact of mentoring

·         Performance of mentoring participants

·         Effectiveness of the organizations those programs serve

The IMA offers a wealth of free information including monthly Webinars covering a range of mentoring and coaching topics and articles written by experts in the field. To get the most value from the IMA – including curated research, personalized suggestions, discounts on our annual conference, and exclusive networking opportunities – consider becoming a member.

By becoming a member of IMA you:

1.       Gain access to the best available information about mentoring and mentoring support;

·         We offer guidance to increase results in the following areas:

·         Retention

·         Performance

·         Staff diversity and inclusion

·         The success of youth

·         Implementation of training to improve daily practice

·         The number of prepared, skilled leaders in your talent “pipeline”

·         The effectiveness of leader succession

·         The function of your organization as a learning community

2.       Share your knowledge, skills, and experiences with others

3.       Find experts in your field who will help you get the most out of your mentoring program, whether you’re trying to reach young learners or seasoned professionals

Whether you want to attend a mentoring event; are looking for mentoring publications or need face-to-face interaction with mentoring experts; The International Mentoring Association has exactly what you’re looking for.


The goal the International Mentoring Association is to create global communities for sharing best practices that lead to growth highly effective mentoring programs. We do this by maintaining a base of experts around the world who are on the leading edge of research in a variety of mentoring and coaching environments. In addition to our annual conference, the IMA maintains two publications, Connect and The Link and holds monthly Webinars so that our members are always ahead of the curve

Our Commitment

The People

IMA is a worldwide network of dynamic individuals who have established successful mentoring programs, who are committed to increasing their ability to continually model effective mentoring practices, and who will gladly share their experience and knowledge with others.

The Information and Experience

IMA is committed to increasing access to proven information and best practices needed for planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and improving the impact of personal mentoring and leadership, and of mentoring programs.

The Diversity

In addition to celebrating and using the strengths that ethnic and cultural diversity provides, IMA is also committed to model and support a wider understanding of the term, “diversity.” All of IMA’s activities and publications focus on building upon the strengths provided by dialogue across all settings and contexts, all age and experience levels, gender, view point, and every other difference. By utilizing our common commitment to mentoring as a tool for increased learning and performance and our diversity as a strength, we can work together and accomplish much more.

The Initiative

We see mentoring as the most effective lever available for transforming the quality and effectiveness of human growth and endeavors. Through our conversations, articles, presentations, publications, and projects, we are committed to provide a forum for discussing mentoring best practices, trends, emerging new ideas, and strategies that will inspire us as leaders and transform our organizations and practices. In this way, we expect to truly change the world through effective mentoring.


The leadership of the IMA consists of the Board of Directors, who are led by the Executive Committee.

·         The Board of Directors ranges is size from 10 to 15 members, but can include as many as twenty. The Board meets at least twice a year, but also interacts and makes decisions between meetings by use of e-mail and conference calls.

·         The Executive Committee consists of the IMA officers who are elected by Board and include: the President, the President-Elect, and the Secretary-Treasurer. Officers serve two-year terms and preside over the day-to-day operation of the IMA.

The IMA is housed at the office of the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA, which handles membership and the IMA’s business activities.

Who Can Join

Our organization is open to anyone and everyone, but you should particularly consider joining IMA if you are:

·         A representative of a mentoring program or organization, whether in business, government, education, a community setting, or nonprofit

·         A mentoring program director

·         Education faculty (from K-12 to graduate)

·         A human resources leader or training professional

·         An organization development or staff development leader

·         A mentoring researcher, mentor trainer, or consultant

·         A mentor, coach, mentee or protégé

·         Interested in mentoring and supporting the IMA Mission

International Recognition

The IMA also offers specific advantages to accredited programs, including International recognition and the use of IMA accreditation logos.